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    Become a trustworthy SMT supplier in the minds of customers.

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    Focus on the real needs of customers, provide competitive SMT solutions and services, and maximize the value of customers

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    Sincere and enthusiasm, customer success

  • SOLUTIONThe Whole SMT Line Solution


    The Whole SMT Line Solution

  • DesignDesign & make Special nozzles


    Design & make Special nozzles

  • RepairRepair & Maintenance service


    Repair & Maintenance service

Our News

  • We are members of IPC!

    We are honored to be a member of the IPC membership because of its global network, best-practice knowledge and resources. We look forward to being part of an organization that is dedicated to helping others succeed. Who is IPC? A global electronics industry organization....

  • Do you know about nozzle cleaning machine ?

      In the field of the semiconductor industry today, with the development of SMT, small parts into small, high-density mounting and base for reality, and future development trends will be further component miniaturization. Since the chip mo...

  • China SMT nozzles manufacturer

    As an SMT solution expert, RHSMT specializes in producing standard and customized SMT nozzles. Our products are exported to all over the world, with high quality and cost-effective, and are recognized by many customers! SMT ...

  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) Glossary

    A Active Component: A component that depends on its external power source to activate its inputs. Examples of active devices include, silicon controlled rectifiers, transistors, valves, etc. Also, the active components can be refer...

  • What is PCBA ?

    What is PCBA? PCBA stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly, it refers to circuit boards assembled with electronic components such as diode, transmitter, capacitors, resistors, and ICs with SMT, DIP, and soldering assembly technology. All electronic devices have PCBA, and electronic devices are ...