Premium High-Efficiency Modular Mounter

All-round surface mounter with Yamaha’s 1-head solution delivers superior productivity and versatility!

1. Maximize your productivity 2-beams – 2-heads with highest speed in its class 115,000 CPH (under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor)

2. The 1-head solution! No need to exchange heads! 0201mm to 55 x 100mm component size

3. Deliver highest mounting quality due to new Low-impact nozzle

4. Operation evolved to latest level Allows intuitive operation with new State-Of-Art GUI

  • Model: YRM20
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    High-Efficiency Modular Mounter

    Caters effectively to a wide range of production processes. World’s fastest in its class.

    95,000 CPH Champion

    66,000 CPH IPC9850

    Maximum PCB size

    L810mm x W490mm


    Massive resources

    We have in-depth cooperation with major SMT brands, most of the SMT equipment is in stock and can be shipped immediately

    Quality assurance

    All used equipment is tested, aged, and serviced before shipping. Vacuum packing in wooden boxes ensures safe delivery of equipment to you.

    Secure transactions

    We support flexible payment methods and a 6-month machine warranty to relieve your worries.

    Trusted partner

    We have many years of experience in the SMT field and are active members of IPC, your trusted partner!

    ysm20r head

    ZS Feeders >

    Also supports thin, light-weight, compact, single lane type motorized intelligent feeders. Customer can select from non-stop feeder replacement function specs. Specs also support conventional SS/ZS feeders.

    < High-speed multi-purpose head (10 nozzles)

    This universal type head made for high-speed mounting and versatility supports from ultra-tiny chips of 0201 (mm) to large-size components of 55 x 100 mm and height of 15 mm.

    < Flexible multi-purpose head (5 nozzles)

    Super wide-range type head sup- ports force control, and handles a broad spectrum of components from ultra-tiny chips of 03015 mm to ultra-large components of 55 x 100 mm and tall components of heights up to 28 mm.


    sATS30NS Auto Tray Sequencer (ATS) for nonstop tray replacement >

    A new function has been added to the sATS30 Auto Tray Sequencer for automatic tray exchange and component feed. This new function automatically ejects pallets with empty trays during operation and feeds pallets with new trays into the machine. Operator can remove the pallet with empty tray and replenish pallet with full tray and press feed button. Pallet will automatic be supplied into the magazine. The magazine can be exchanged during changeover without stop- ping automatic operation.

    YSM20R ATS
    YSM20R dimension
    YSM20R Specifications

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